Competition of innovative teams “РОСТ”

On March 16, 2023, the regional competition of innovative teams “РОСТ” was held on. 450 people took part in the event. The competition has been held since 2007 and during its existence has become an integral part of the regional infrastructure to support youth entrepreneurship. This year the competition is organized in the format of a poster exhibition. 70 project teams from the Nizhny Novgorod region were pre-selected. Pavel Subochev, Daria Voitovich, Alexey Kournikov, Olga Ugarova are specialists of BARI – NN who took part in the competition as part of the team from IPF RAS and presented the project “Optoacoustic Microscope”. The project took 2nd place in the section Biomed (medicine, healthcare and biotechnology) and Smart Materials (chemistry, petrochemistry, new materials and nanotechnology). This project was also separately noted and awarded by Promis JSC.

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