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Noninvasive examination of tumors by optoacoustic methods

Anna Orlova, senior scientist of the Institute of Applied Physics RAS, won RSF grant No. 21-15-00032 with the project “Development of technologies for dynamic noninvasive examination of the vascular network of tumors based on optical and optoacoustic methods”. The grant amount is 6M rubles.

Optoacoustics in virtual reality

Lyubov Brix, an employee of the Institute of Applied Physics RAS, won «УМНИК» grant No. 736GUCES8-D3/63698. The project “Development of a virtual reality system for an optoacoustic microscope” will allow users of an optoacoustic microscope to observe the blood vessels. The grant amount is 0.5M rubles.

The unique antenna for diagnosing diseases without surgery

Today, a unique 512-element antenna named by German physicists “the mother of all antennas”, and created by specialists from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS), can be seen only at the main Swiss university ETH. It is used for optoacoustic neuroimaging of laboratory animals. As the next step, …

Thinner than a hair!

Thinner than a hair  –  scientists from Nizhny Novgorod detected the capillaries. “Mother of all cups”, this is how scientists from Germany called a new ultrasonic antenna for medical purposes, created in Nizhny Novgorod city (Russia). With its help, you can see the smallest blood vessels in real time. For more information follow the link …

Conference “Science of the Future”

Joint research project RSF – Helmoltz #18-45-06006 presented at the conference “Science of the Future”. On May 16, contributing to the Russian-German day of the conference «Science of the Future» held at the Educational Centre Sirius in Sochi, the Russian Science Foundation and the Helmholtz Association (Germany) organized a special seminar “Methods of organizing research work …