Perfectly matched detectors with unmatched bandwidth and sensitivity from BARI-NN Ltd.

BARI-NN Ltd. offers custom-made piezo-polymer ultrasonic detectors for optoacoustic imaging. Our antennas have a record reception bandwidth from 100 kHz to 100 MHz and a receiving sensitivity of about 1 μV / Pa, making them ideal for biomedical applications. The acoustic impedance of PVDF antennas is close to the acoustic impedance of water and biological tissue, making them practically sound-transparent and not introducing impedance distortions into the measured acoustic fields.

We offer complete freedom in terms of geometric characteristics of your ultrasonic detector, with options including flat, cylindrical, conical, spherical, with frequencies from 100 kHz to 100 MHz, with the number of elements from 1 to 512, and with apertures from 0.5 mm to 10 cm. For ordering single element antennas, we recommend using the product code PVDF-T-F-A-D-L.

In addition to designing ultrasonic antennas for your needs, we also offer our experience in designing optoacoustic systems and conducting optoacoustic experiments. Our optoacoustic laboratory is well-equipped with multispectral tomographic, microscopic, and clinical OA systems, pulsed lasers at 532, 1064, 400-2100, 660-1300 nm, positioning systems of different accuracy and load capacity, five ADC units from 1 to 256 channels, and a clean room for temporary keeping of laboratory animals.



We are interested in all forms of mutually beneficial cooperation and look forward to working with you to advance the field of biomedical optoacoustics.