The team at BARI-NN Ltd. is a tightly-knit group of professionals who are all committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible custom-made ultrasound detectors for optoacoustic imaging.

 At BARI-NN Ltd., we are more than just colleagues – we are a supportive and cohesive team that is always ready to work together to achieve our goals.

Our team is made up of a diverse range of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise, led by a group of experienced physicists who are constantly developing new methods of biophotonics. Physicists work closely with our technological engineers who help implement these methods in the form of experimental setups. Our programmers are responsible for developing algorythms for automating the management of these setups and processing data. We also have a team of biologists and clinical specialists who participate in preliminary in vivo testing of the developed systems. This ensures that our products are not only unique and high-quality but also proven to be effective in real-world applications.

Dr Pavel Subochev

Director, BARI-NN

Head of Laboratory, IAP RAS

Dr Ilya Turchin

Scientific advisor, BARI-NN

Head of Division, IAP RAS

Maksim Prudnikov

Technical director, BARI-NN

Leading technologist, IAP RAS

Vladimir Vorobiev

Engineer, BARI-NN

Electrical engineer, IAP RAS

Alexey Kurnikov

Researcher, BARI-NN

PhD student, IAP RAS

Roman Kobzev

Engineer, BARI-NN and IAP RAS

Olga Ugarova

Manager, BARI-NN

Administrator, IAP RAS

Dr Anna Orlova

Biologist, IAP RAS

Darya Voytovich

PhD student, IAP RAS

Anna Glyavina

Graduate student, IAP RAS

Thanks to the dedication, knowledge, and teamwork of our diverse team, we are able to offer a unique product that is both reliable and effective. We take pride in our work, and are always ready to tackle new challenges and help each other out whenever needed.